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US CONSTITUITION:Article 1, Section 8,Clause 5."Congress (alone) shall have the power to coin money and regulate its use thereof" Folks IT DOES NOT SAY, Private Corporations should coin the money, and this is what these bastards have been doing, not only since Dec. 1913 but way way before the Central Bankers in Europe, and since time immemorial, Shylock the Money Lending Jew in Shakespeares "The Merchant of Venice" The economy correctspeak word for this is "FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING"

People wake the f...u.

These BANKS are illegal, the Federal Reserve Bank is 100% illegal. If you go to look for example in the San Francisco Phone book for one of the 12 branches of this corrupt bank, you will NOT find it in the Government section, instead you will find it in the Business pages, listed near FedEx, FedCo, Federal Express.

The Federal Reserve Bank has never, repeat never, been audited, they print paper money out of thin air!If me and you did this are asses would be in jail, these low-life criminals have been doing it since 1913 and forever!

Read Eustace Mullin's excellent book free online."The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"
You will not find Mullins' books at Zionist owned Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Keplers, Waldens, Universities, High Schools etc)or any US Public Library.

Andrew Jackson, an honest Presidents wanted to shut down the Federal Reserve, they tried to kill him, and they didn't succeed, on his tombstone it is written "I KILLED THE BANKS"

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