'Covid' almost took me out

 I figured I'd give an update on myself since I am amazingly still alive in 2022. During the middle of last October (2021) I got the 'coof'. I didn't take it too seriously early on (which is the reason it almost killed me) because I get the flu/cold at least once a year and recover pretty quickly, usually a day or two. It was 8 days of hell; no sleep, high temps, and back aches before I ended up in the ER. I was in the ER 2 other times during the next 4 days after that. I had to throw the kitchen sink at my run of the flu/covid which lasted a whole month. I tried all natural and pharma meds/remedies at it just to survive. I was on oxygen for several weeks during this time which would top my numbers out to low-mid 90's. 

My 3rd visit to the ER I had an xray done and they discovered double pneumonia. While getting xrays done they also did blood tests including a D-dimer test which checks for blood clots. My d-dimer results were very elevated so off to get a cat scan immediately and they found a blood clot (pulmonary embolism) in my lungs. I thought initially (and so did the Doc) that I developed a blood clot BECAUSE of covid but in hindsight I now believe I had it before I contracted covid. I remember for months before getting covid of having a slight cough randomly and being gassed-out/winded too easily doing even mundane activities. At this point my oxygen levels were getting in to the low 70s while doing any movements on my own. 

They wanted to admit me into a Covid-ICU room on a ventilator many hours away from my rural home. I declined and took my chances with my nurse wife taking better care of me than in a big city meat grinder that wouldn't even allow visitors. I have recently heard of several friends and family members dying alone in these situations because of hospital 'covid restrictions' so I figured if I wasn't going to make I'd want to at least be around my family during my last days. There was a few nights when my wife thought I wasn't going to wake up and the few people I saw during this time later told me I looked like a corpse. Now 3+ months later I am doing much better. I am EXTREMELY grateful my wife was able to solely take care of me (and lets not forget 7 children, a dog, a cat, a 30+ chickens, lol) and wasn't working at the time or it would have been certain death for me.   

I believe the reason I got hit so hard this time around was because of the what I assume was a prior blood clot (pulmonary embolism) in my lungs and being overweight by at least 80lbs doesn't help either It more than likely played a large part in what could have caused me checking out at an age of 46 years old. I have battled with keeping my weight/health in check for many years and have had scares before but nothing like this. This was quite a wake up call. I am not afraid of death whatsoever but I am afraid of prematurely checking out and leaving my wife and 7 children alone who depend on my leadership, wisdom, and protection to guide this family in the right direction. I'm sure they'd do much better than most single mother families out there but it is never a good thing to lose a patriarch of a larger family. Now I am on blood thinner meds and make sure to take a ton of supplements along with light exercise (at least until the embolism is cleared and then I can go harder) and keeping a clean diet. I did learn quite a bit on how to fight this covid/flu/cold off now and wont take it lightly next time around. I'd be happy to share more details with those who are interested on how to beat this in a better fashion. There  are successful protocols and maybe I'll write those up if people show interest. If anyone is wondering, NO I did not take ANY vaccine. I WILL not ever take a vaccine nor will my wife, or my children. None of my kids have ever had any vax and my wife and I haven't had any in over 20 years. Hope you all are doing well and staying strong. .


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