Saturday, October 14, 2017

CCC Podcast With Ted And Mike

Been awhile but this 2.5 hours long podcast should help catch up on my thoughts of a lot of what has been going on while I quietly sit on the sidelines temporarily:

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Delaney and Finck Host Christogenea Radio - 'The Wrong Stuff'

The Wrong Stuff
Mike Delaney, Matthew Ott, Allen Rouse and others join William Finck for a discussion of White Sharia, Esoteric Kekism, the Jews leading the Alt-Right and other related topics. William Finck's notes are found below:
We have until now basically ignored the Kek phenomenon, the cries for White Sharia, and some of the other silly ideas floating around so-called White Nationalism. Today we are going to have a general discussion concerning some of these things, so that our opinion is heard.
White Sharia: Why do we need White Sharia? This makes it sound as if Whites have no traditional values. It does not matter that its proponents reject sand nigger sharia, it still sounds as if we have to get values from sand niggers. We do not need the ideas of sand niggers. Sand nigger sharia actually advocates pedophilia and turns a blind eye to men boogering little boys.
But White Sharia is really just a joke, not only poking fun but also advocating the abandonment of true Christian values. White Sharia means virtually nothing except what any particular proponent who embraces it wants it to be. For instance, even the faggots at just published an article called In Defense of White Sharia. Real nationalists should want nothing to do with those sodomites. White Sharia is not tangible, and has no authoritative source that can define it, except the emotions of a bunch of misguided millennials.
Christians have a moral code that has already produced the world's most advanced societies. The word sharia means revealed law in Arabic, and we already have our own revealed law in Christianity. In traditional Christianity, the patriarchy rules, a man is king of his own house, his wife and children are subject to him alone, women cannot even make contracts without their husbands. CI is the original strict moral code for Whites: Children and wives in subjection to husbands and fathers, and pedophilia and boy-buggering are forbidden. Commandments against adultery, fornication, sodomy, and all basic moral violations com from God and are literally written in stone.
The Jew has used the court systems of the west to progressively destroy Christian morals and the Christian patriarchy, and now Jews have co-opted the alt-Right in yet another attempt to keep Whites from ever going back to them.
The source of White Sharia is the same as the source of Esoteric Kekism, a religion of memes which have no real power to sustain or rebuild a vibrant White society.
Esoteric Kekism is based on the musings of chutney-nigger Savatra Devi's esoteric Hitlerism. Its proponents are New-Age freaks and Jews who promote the idea that Hitler embraced the occult, and who also embrace the concept of a rainbow swastika. All of this is grounded in the same Jewish Hitler revisionism found in Table Talk and other spurious works which perpetuate the lies that Hitler was a pagan or a mystic who had turned against Christianity.
Both White Sharia and Esoteric Kekism evidently come from The Right Stuff website, and in turn have been promoted by the Daily Stormer. The prominent figure behind the Right Stuff is the Jew Mike Enoch, and the prominent figure behind the Daily Stormer is the Jew Andrew Aurenheimer, otherwise known as Weev. His full name is Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer.
Jew or not? In 2012, Weev told Gawker that he had Jewish ancestry, but that was right before he was being sent away to prison so he may have done that as a hoax to get better treatment from the United States jewdicial system. Weev had a long history of writing antisemitic statements and so claiming to be of Jewish ancestry after that is a defense. He has not addressed this issue after prison so whether he was serious or not is unknown.
From an OkCupid archived page containing a profile made by Weev himself, first he quotes Hitler:
"With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people." --Adolf Hitler
Then he makes an admission:
As an ethnic Jew of Bavarian origins that is a reasonably adequate summary of my night moves.
Andrew Aurenheimer is a Jew, and Mike Enoch is a jew. Mike Enoch has admitted to being a Jew on several occasions, and the Daily Stormer is in purposeful denial. Andrew Anglin, who quite ludicrously claims 99 44/100ths % purity, is promoting Jew after Jew. He is still promoting Stephen Molyneux and he is a professed Jew.
Jews are the alt-Right, the alt-Right is, for the most part, Jewish, and their purpose is to captivate and nullify any formidable White political opposition to Jewry.
Christianity gets the blame for what is happening in Europe today. But in truth, Europe has not been predominantly Christian in perhaps 50 years. Europe has long been what the Jewish pundits love to call post-Christian.
Even according to Wikipedia, in Sweden:
According to the Eurobarometer Poll 2010
  • 18% of Swedish citizens responded that "they believe there is a god".
  • 45% answered that "they believe there is some sort of spirit or life force".
  • 34% answered that "they do not believe there is any sort of spirit, god, or life force".
According to a Demoskop study in 2015 about the beliefs of the Swedish showed that
  • 21% believed in a god (down from 35 percent in 2008).
  • 16% believed in ghosts
  • 14% believed in creationism or intelligent design
Phil Zuckerman, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Pitzer College, writes that academic sources have in recent years placed atheism rates as high as 85%, while other sources report that only 17% of respondents self-identified as "atheist".
And according to Wikipedia, in Germany:
In the year 2006, 30% of German youths believe in a personal god, 19% believe in some kind of supernatural power, 23% share agnostic views and 28% are atheists.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Long Standing Prothink Jewtube Channel Gets The Ban Hammer

Funny how my channel and many others who have a larger audience weren't touched until I started bringing up jews doing 911, jews at TRS, and lack of focus on jews from the pro-white scene. I had no strikes for years and all of sudden they found 3 videos to instantly to give me my 3 strikes to kill my channel.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why Did Trump Bomb Syria?

This may be the closest version of what happened:

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Real Life Unicorn

This black female nails it but seriously this is a major exception to the rule.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Jewish Ritual Murder - MUST WATCH

Only second to the 'jews did 9/11' theme for being covered up is the the Jews killing and slaughtering children in ritual sacrifice. Personally I think this is probably the biggest issue even if I am the one created 911MissingLinks. We recently got what was probably the tip of the iceberg and a very small glimpse of what these sick bastards are really into with the #pizzagate ordeal. states that almost a half million kids a year recently come up missing. I looked for how many are eventually found but came up short. I can only imagine how many are caught and used in these ritual murders. In this first video they take a very white-washed look into *Jewish* ritual murder but do detail the history very well:

Ritual Murders from The exposer on Vimeo.

In this second which should have been included in the first is this excellent and explosive clip of admittance of a jew who not only was personally involved in the sacrifice of babies in her jewish home but knew of MANY OTHER JEWISH FAMILIES AROUND THE COUNTRY who were into this type of activity. The first time I heard this I thought "why TF isn't the feds investigating this!?!?" I soon correctly myself and remember who the feds and investigators are and why that wouldn't work. This is the reason I was never one of those troofers why would protest for a 'new investigation of 9/11'. Why would we ask the enemy to lie to us again?

Pro-White Honor

In a movement of arrogant know-it-alls it is a breathe of fresh air to see someone who stands above the rest and humbles themselves when they are wrong. This rarely happens, especially around the noobs who get a god mentality when the figure out the Fisher-Price 'my first conspiracy'. Here is Fascist Femming making good and telling the truth like we all should no matter how ugly it is.

Mike Enoch the Jew

Many have been caught up in the theme that TRS' owner Mike Enoch (Peinovich) had a jew wife and that was it. Well it turns out that multiple times he let it slip from his own mouth HE HIMSELF is a jew yet very few caught on and not too many made a fuss about it. Well after I was alerted to the jew wife issue I picked up on it and made sure that people addressed this situation. Simply put we are in a genetic war as whites against jews. Even is a jew is a rebel against their own we still can not trust them on our side no matter what entertaining podcasts they bring to the table. No Excuses! Here is a show I also did with Bill from