Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Down until Friday, this is the backup site

You have been redirected to my old backup site. Even though I barely receive enough donations each month to cover Trutube, all the other sites I have receive NO donations except from one nice couple who live in Montana. I have been without a paycheck for a few weeks but will receive a nice size check this friday finally which will enable me to pay the $15 monthly bill and get the sites back up. I am also in the process of moving all the sites over to a new server and because the first place I went to screwed me I am in dispute with them so I put myself in a bad spot. If for some reason someone donates the $15 between now and Friday I will pay the Hostgator bill and get REAL prothink.org AND 911missinglinks.com, prothink.tv, 911missinglinks, and my other sites up as well. Sorry in the meantime though, but this is the situation I am in.

- Mike Delaney